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John McWhirter  Producer

John McWhirter

Rivertree, inc is a Production Services company based in Miami, Florida. We specialize in providing production service for the international commercial film and television community. We have a network of partners and production relationships around Florida, the Southeastern US, and the Caribbean. We assist with all aspects of your production planning, budgeting and scheduling. We will assemble a great crew for your project (big or small).

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Violaine Etienne

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Rivertree. John and his entire crew establish themselves as a valuable asset to any team. They are honest, dependable, and diligent. John is a problem solver who is able to address obstacles that come along with strategy and confidence. His knowledge of the industry and expertise in its intricacies was a huge advantage and contributed greatly to the success of our shoot. I confidently recommend John and Rivertree for any production services needs in Florida.
Founding Partners/EP
Serial Picture

Loius Figgis

A fantastically hardworking and extremely professional production partner that I both recommend wholeheartedly and look forward to working with again. Anyone needing production services in Florida and the Caribbean should look no further than Rivertree.

Hearst Media Solutions

Grayson Bithell

“John is a natural born leader.  Not because he seeks the power, but because people trust his judgment and moral values”.
Exec Producer,
Mortar Inc.

Andrew Swee

“Solid, together, all-over-it.  John McW in a nutshell.”
Exec Producer

Rebecca Mills

John and his team at Rivertree were an absolute dream to have as a service company for the prep and execution of our 3 day shoot in Grand Cayman. Our content was hugely ambitious and much of the success in its execution was down to their collaboration, talent, diligence, and know-how. 

Hearst Media Solutions



Producer/Production Services Reel

FPL “Reliability” / Dir Kerry Brown / Quercus Films

Pennzoil “The Last Viper”/ Dir Ozan Biron / Lemonade Films Canada

Swedish House Mafia Documentary / RSA Films London / Dir Christian Larson

H&M with Beyoncé / RSA Films London / Dir Jonas Åkerlund / Bahamas Production Service - Rivertree

WWE “Usos 5hr Energy”/ BlackSpot

Miami Heat “2013 Season Intro” / 305 FIlms / Dir Gil Green




Scott Horan Partner / Exec Producer
Smile Media Spain

James Wiser
Executive Producer Evolution Media RHBH

Geraldine McCarthy
Producer, Passion Pictures UK

Daniel Gordon, Director
Very Much So Films, UK

Violaine Etienne
Founding Partner/EP
Serial Pictures LA

Louis Figgis
Hearst Media

Jean-Marc Tostivent
Producer, Gang Films, Paris

Lawrence Dunmore
Director, RSA Films UK

Svana Gisla
RSA Films UK

Christian Larson
Director, RSA Films UK

Alvaro Weber
Partner / Managing Director  Smile Media Spain

James Cameron
Lightstorm Entertainment

Nicole Woods
Executive Producer
NZK Productions
"The Bachelorette”

Maria Silva
Exec Producer Procine Chile

Donald J. Lee
Producer, 20th Century Fox, “The Other Woman”

Thomas Imperato
Sr. VP, Physical Production, 20th Century Fox

Ted Herman
Exec Producer
Lemonade Films Vancouver

Tony Hernandez
Jax Media NYC

Chris Bishouty
Vice President of Strategy
Pro Media Group

Kevin Lillestol
Line Producer
NZK Productions
“The Bachelorette”



John McWhirter
Film Production
Florida, Southeast, Caribbean

Line Producer
Prod. Service Producer

Florida Power & Light “Outage Alerts” (line producer)
Kerry Brown / Quercus Films

Time Life Financial (w/ Suze Orman) (line producer)
Don Rase / Envision

Pennzoil “Last Viper” (w/Rhys Millen) (prod svc)
Ozan Biron/ Lemonade Films

Fisher Island “PDL” Photo shoot (prod svc / line prod)
Maria Galli / RIvertree, inc

Disney / “Springs“ (production services)
Matthäus Bussman / Serial Pictures

WWE / 5 Hour Energy “Ursos” (line producier)
Andrews Jenkins / Blackspot

Spies Travel “Chili” (Line Producer)
Sune Hjorth / Habana Ave

Lee Health Systems / “Generations” (line producer)
Nick Vedros / CPI Communications

Flonase “Kids” (line producer)
Rick Knief / Pennino Productions

Suze “Dental Plan” (w/ Suze Orman) (line producer)
Don Rase / Ten22

Modelo “ME Chelada” (line producer)
Anh Vu / Psyop /Underbelly

Toyota “Family” “Slang” (line producer)
Franco Parente / RunWild Productions

WWMS “Broadway Joe” (w/ Joe Namath) (producer)
Franco Parente / Rivertree, inc

Flonase “Tampa” (line producer)
Thor Thilo / Pennino Productions

Fisher Island “PDL” (producer)
Gernot Schaffler / Rivertree, inc

Verizon “Essence Festival NOLA” (line producer)
Martin Davis / Run Wilds Productions

Burger King “Whopper” (line producer)
Kris Belman / 3ft Giant

ANZ “Martina” (w/Martina Navratilova)
(line producer)
Harry Sanna / FatKing

Visit Florida “Flock to Florida” (line producer)
David Gaddie / The Colony

Florida Lottery “Britto” (line producer)
Sammy Albas / Run Wild Productions

USA “Graceland” Promo (line producer)
Armada Pictures

Ford Fusion “dance” (line producer)
Marcelo Paez / America Filmworks

Fisher Island “PDS” (producer)
Gernot Schaffler / Rivertree, inc

Addiction Advisor (producer)
Franco Parente / Rivertree, inc

A/C Pro “anyone” (line producer)
Don Rase / Tactical Media

Unilever “Seeing the Possibilities” Documentary (prod svc)
Daniel Gordon / Passion Pictures UK

Nespresso: Linizio Lungo” (producer)
Lawrence Dunmore / RSA Films

Swedish House Mafia Documentary (Miami producer)
Christian Larson / RSA UK

H&M Swimwear (w/ Beyonce)
(prod svc)
Jonas Akerlund / RSA UK

“Approved” Mastercard (w/ Suze Orman)
Don Rase / Backyard

Nike “Olympics” (w/ Lebron James)
Warwick Saint / Mana Media

Homeaway (producer)
Paul Bonesteel / Bonesteel

Os-Cal “Must Be the OsCal” (producer)
Jeff France / STORY

Magnum Ice Cream “Evergrowing” (prod svc)
Jonas Akerlund / Smile Media

Magnum Ice Cream “Clothes” (prod svc)
Jonas Akerlund / Smile Media

Ft. Lauderdale Business Alliance “CEOs” (prod)
Michael Neuman / One World

Dish TV “Shipwreck” (line producer)
Don Rase / Ten22

TD Ameritrade (w/ Suze Orman)
Don Rase / Backyard Productions

Water Genie “water genie” (producer)
Jim Hoffman / Harpoon

Home Right “paint stick” (producer)
Garrett Bess / Two River Pictures

Honda “Imagination” (producer)
Carlos Quiroz / HMC Films

Total Wine & More “Service” (producer)
Jamie Rosenberg / Rivertree, inc

Art Institute / Food Network (producer)
Garrett Bess / Turnpike Pictures

Food Lion “Ham” (producer)
Joe Schaak /Waynorth

Liquid Fence “deer” (producer)
Ken Cills / CPI inc

Ramada “own thing” (line producer)
Brian Isley / CCFV

Dove (Japanese)
Leo Kocking / Kors Film

Southwest Air / Chase Bank Visa (producer)
Billy Kent / Harpoon Pictures

Sunbelt Granola Bars (producer)
Gary Nolton / Limbo Films

Play Along Toys “Hannah Montana” “Sweet Sec.” (producer)
Peter Siaggas / CPI

Sapporo Beer “cooler” (producer)
Leo Kocking / Korsfilm

Coppertone “jet ski” / “boat” (line prod)
Michael Shapiro / Space Program

Hurricane (w/ Derrick Jeter)
Peter Arranow / PB&J

Haagen Dazs (producer)
Pierluca de Carlo / Korsfilm

Drexel Heritage “Belle Maison” (producer)
Ian Hirsch / Hirsch Films

Days Inn (producer)
Jeff Wieser / Cornerstone Pict.

Coppertone (producer)
Michael Shapiro / Spaceprogram

Drexel Heritage Collection (producer)
Ian Hirsch / Hirsch Films

Food Lion “Baltimore Makeover” (producer)
Tripp Dixon / Cornerstone Pict.

Drexel Heritage Postobello (producer)
Ian Hirsch / Hirsch Films

Davids Bridal (line prod)
Marcus Burnett / Lion Oil, inc

BarberShaq (Verizon mobisode w/ Shaq)
(line producer)
Philip Atwell / Geronimo Films

Tropicana (w/ Anastasia Myskina)
– Russia (producer)
Ulrik Jensen / Directors Film Co.

Delta Lloyd insurance – Netherlands (producer)
Ismael ten Heuvel / Directors Film Co.

OTTO stores – Germany (w/ Heidi Klum) (producer)
Detlef Buck / Directors Film Co.

Goodyear (producer)
Doug Davis / Cornerstone Pict.


Feature Film / Television

Real Housewives Bev.Hills "Bahamas"  Prod Services Nassau
Evolution Media / Bravo/ NBCUniversal

Bachelorette 14 "Bahamas"  Prod Services Nassau
Kevin Lilistol / NZK Productions / Warner Brothers

Avatar 2, U/W unit, Feature, Prod Services Nassau
James Cameron / 20th Cent. Fox

Samantha Bee Full Frontal “Debate”, Prod Service
Adam Donnelly / Jax Media

Samantha Bee Full Frontal “Obama Halloween”, Prod Svc
Adam Donnelly / Jax Media

Breakthrough “Addiction”, Field Producer, Prod Svc
David Lowery / Nat Geo

“The Other Woman” Feature, Prod Services
Nassau Don J. Lee, Producer / 20th Cent. Fox

“Four Coursemen” Cooking Ch., Ep 2, Supervising Prod
Garrett Bess, EP / Two River Pictures

THE GLASS WINDOW Movie, Producer
Curtis Graham, Dir / Hannah Rose Prod

“Four Coursemen”, Cooking Channel, Pilot, Prod Mgr
Garrett Bess, EP / Two River Pictures

DOLPHIN TALE Movie, Location Scout
Collette Hailey, Loc Mgr / Alcon Ent.

WILD THINGS, Production Office Secretary
Steve Brown, UPM / Mandalay Pictures

“Fame” Miami Auditions, Production Mgr
Debbie Allen, Prod / Nightmare Prods

“Scoobs” Pilot Presentations, Coordinator
Romi Laine, Prod / Britt Allcroft Prods


Mac & PC Literate, extensive knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Final Cut Pro, Windsurfing, Sailing, triathlons, marathons, Member of Screen Actors Guild